Friday, November 14, 2008

stuff to blog about

so let's start with this video. this was one of my favorite songs for a LONG time, which came out here in the States back in 2006 -- "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley. it's funny that as much as i love this song, i never saw the video for it until the other day. the motion graphics are phenominal! be sure to let it download all the way first. the best way to kill it is to watch it all choppy. (thanks Alaia!)

here's another logo i did for a personal shopper. if you need one for your holiday, birthday, wedding, or life shopping, don't hesitate to check out Jen Fyffe. "SHE'LL take care of it so YOU don't have to!" (insert *wink and the gun* here)

here's a fantastic piece by Eric Bains! if you like hip-hop culture, be sure to check out his stuff (link provided to the right).

here's an awesome piece by Jay who, quite frankly, knows what the heck he's talking about. this is from an older post on his blog, which i wish i would have seen earlier. nonetheless, this drawing is WAY better than i can do. cars are quite hard for me to draw! perhaps this drawing was to spite me... or perhaps because he knows that if it's Batman, i'm all about it! (next Halloween, guys! i promise!)

a special "thank you!" goes out to Alex Deligiannis for not only keeping my childhood memories alive with this immaculate design of Rocksteady, but also doing it justice! definitely check out his blog and website to see what other awesome work he's done (besides at Nickelodeon working on the Fairly Odd Parents). Alex, i might have to come bugg you for another drawing! your Ninja Turtle work is gorgeous!

this is just because i think it's hilarious.

and, yes, you guessed it! a quick sketch of that one guy -- Kris Wimberly!


Alex "Toon" Deligiannis said...

You're too kind, bro. Seriously. But thank you... and BTW, I really dig that Mickey down below - very cool!

Hiphoproots said...

nice expression on this one

kris.w said...

thanks Alex! glad you had a sec to check out my blog!

Eric -- just tried to stay true to the original is all.