Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bravest Warriors (Danny) prints for sale!!

**amended 01.24.13**

well, by now you've probably seen or heard something about Bravest Warriors on YouTube. this is especially true if you're fans of Pendleton Ward's other show, Adventure Time. but now i'd like to share this little number with you once again as a commemoration of a super fun episode i storyboarded called "Dan Before Time" (check it out here) that just aired today! if you're a fan, take a look below and see if any of these pieces tickles your fancy. since there is a very limited number, be sure to buy yours quickly and share the link with your friends! perhaps if these go quickly enough, i'll have to do another one of other characters :0)

below are two versions of the print that i'm selling. it's a slightly amped up version of the "Pen Ward look" that people have come to know. i really wanted to do something special and fun for this, and to make it even more so, i was fortunate to borrow the righteous coloring skills of Alex Deligiannis:

Black & White (8x10)- $15.00

Color (8x10)- $25.00

now here's the thing: i'm selling only 20 prints of each. both versions will be numbered (#1-20 for b/w, #1-20 for color) and signed (by both Alex and myself for the colored version).

ready to claim yours?? then click the "Buy Now" button below to securely pay through Paypal! "Get down to biz, my ninja!"

choose which variant you prefer!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Scooby sketches

one night on Twitter, i asked the people what i should draw. it's always fun to hear what people think would look cool drawn in your "style". so i got a suggestion to draw the Scooby Doo gang, and i did just that. though, instead of drawing one large picture, i decided to break it up into a nightly themed drawing challenge. it was fun to draw these guys since i never have. here's what i came up with and posted on Instagram as my reditions of the characters. thanks for the great response over the last week or so!

Scooby Doo





thanks for checkin' them out! hope you like 'em!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chris & Beth

here's another Bravest Warriors drawing i threw down today just to give myself something interesting to draw. again, i decided to draw these characters with a bit of an off-model take. i'm thinking i may color this one because it looks pretty fun.

since the show isn't out yet, some of you may not know the characters very well. hopefully though, you can tell through this drawing that Chris has a thing for his "friend" Beth.

Friday, July 27, 2012

1980s Villains week!

So like last week, I decided to generate a theme for my daily sketches. I find it keeps me focused and responsible to keep posting fresh drawings that are unrelated to work stuff. However, unlike last week, I decided to save the daily posts here until Friday to share. Although, I did post them everyday on Instagram and Twitter (both @optik2010). Here's what I've got for ya:

Gargamel from The Smurfs

Mumm-Ra from Thundarcats

Magica De Spell from Ducktales

Thursdaybr> Skeletor from He-Man

King Koopa from Super Mario Bros.

Monday, July 16, 2012

90s Chicks 01

Decided to start up a theme to draw to this week. Gonna draw up some classics cartoon girlies from the 1990s. First up, I decided to go with Angelica Pickles from good ol' Rugrats! Hope ya dig my take:

Friday, July 6, 2012

Boy Wonder

so somehow it may be possible that this is only the second Robin I've ever drawn in my life. I'm not sure how true that is, but I can only remember one other time specifically that I drew him. Generally, I spend all my time drawing The Dark Knight (being the huge Batman fan that I've always been). Anyway, I hope ya dig it:

Thursday, June 28, 2012


My first Aquaman drawing. Never thought I'd draw this guy. Thanks, Geoff Johns.


wow! so sorry i've been away for so long. as many of you know, i've been working on a new show (created by Adventure Time's creator, Pen Ward) called Bravest Warriors, which is slated to come out this fall. it's been a blast and there's a pretty exciting buzz growing about it. in fact, there's already been some fan art posted on the Bravest Warriors blog! but that got me to thinking that i haven't had the time do to a quick fun drawing of my own, of any of the characters (other than the storyboards i've been drawing nonstop), so i thought i'd do a piece on Danny. he's kind of awesome. he's been on the brain lately too because my current episode is about him. a little of his backstory, even! so here's what he looks like in this show:

and here's my late night piece for today:

ok, that's enough. thanks for coming back to see what's new!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Avengers Week Drawing 04

FINALLY! tonight's the big night and i get to watch the Avengers movie in all of it's glorious awesomeness (so i've heard). i thought i'd end my drawing challenge with The Hulk for the week. simple characters are always harder to make "your own", but here's what i came up with. this is The Hulkling:

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Avengers Week Drawing 03

i never thought i'd see the day that i would bang out a Thor drawing. he's generally not on my top favorite superheroes to draw, but staying true to Avengers week, here is my version of Thor as a wee tot! hope ya dig it!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Avengers Week Drawing 02

welp! here's the second installment for the week of drawing Avenger kids. hope ya dig it as much as you all did the Kid Captain America. today i went with the legendary Ironman. of course when designing him as a kid, what else does one call him other than Iron Lad?

Monday, April 30, 2012

Avengers Week Drawing 01

today i had an idea to draw up some of the Avengers for everyday leading up to the movie coming out this week. i'm sure every artist out there has the same idea, so to make mine a little different, i envisioned the way my friends and i would play them when we were kids. today i felt it fitting to start with Marvel's first avenger: Captain America... as a kid. "Kid Cap" if you will! hope ya dig:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ace Grizzle piece

hey ya'allz! workin on a piece of "press art" of sorts for Ace. a blogger has asked to feature the Ace Grizzle blog on his own, but needed an image he could use to link with. here's what i've come up with so far, but obviously not finished yet. just thought i'd share as i move along..

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the magic

before he regained the magic, he'd lost it. for more years than i'd been alive, cartoons were not for my dad. he'd rather watch ANYTHING else than watch "kid stuff". as you can imagine, growing up wanting to be in animation, we were often at odds. he always wanted me to be in medicine, but i just wanted to draw cartoons. we could hardly even watch television together on the weekends. he wanted to watch boring, old, black & white cowboy stuff and i wanted to watch brightly colored, fast-paced cartoons with funny sound effects. after some time, i finally gave in to his well-intensioned wishes and steered my educational path toward psychology. this was acceptable to him. as excited as he was about my decision, there came a time where i thought it would break his heart to tell him that it's no longer his decision for me, but i needed to set my own career path and it was to be in animation. by that time though, he agreed that i was old enough to make my own informed decision. through college, he saw my childhood passion (ever so slowly) blossom into a fully-functioning set of artistic skills. he was amazed at what i could do. even though i knew i had miles and miles of drawing to go before i was career-ready, in his eyes i was there. he began to grow an interest in what could be done with an art career, so he started to ask questions and spark up conversations about the industry. he was often times way off in his observations about movies coming out or the latest trends in animation, but i was just happy that a stubborn old man could have such a change of heart and was actually making effort. then, imagine his face when i told him the day i was offered a job at my dream animation studio working on one of the biggest shows in existence. it was an expression i'll certainly never forget. one day, my mind was blown even more when he'd told me about the different cartoon shows he started watching. most of them were prime time shows, but still, he was watching and enjoying. he had rediscovered the magic that i had defended for so many years. i knew he'd remember the joys of animation that he loved as a kid if he'd taken the time to watch good stuff. it was just hard to get him to sit down and see how far along animation has come since The Flintstones and Top Cat. These were his two childhood favorites.

unfortunately, there was one thing in our conversations that we didn't get to discuss. i didn't get to tell him that a large part of the magic started for me when i was about four years old. somehow, he'd managed to find a drawing that he had done when he was a kid. he showed it to me and i was amazed. he was very into the bible when he was younger, and he'd drawn Moses. i thought he looked familiar, and later i came to realize he'd used the design of Fred Flintstone and altered it for the look he wanted, but as a kid i was thoroughly impressed. i never got to tell him that i wanted to draw as good as that drawing was to me, but the pride he grew to have in my abilities is a huge payoff.

some of you already know that i lost my dad a couple weeks ago. i really miss him. it's been pretty hard to draw anything, which is the explanation for my lack of posts lately. so, i thought for today in an attempt to regain some of the magic, i'd throw down a Fred Flintstone for my father. i'm sure he would've loved this drawing despite my design tweaks. here's to a great father!

Friday, April 6, 2012

no drawings today..

an excerpt from a conversation with someone very important to me:

"the thing i think people forget is that we move through our daily routines with many, many meetings and partings with other people. those interactions shape who we are individually and the role we play in society. much of our outlook on others comes from our interactions with people everyday: someone wouldn’t let you get over in traffic, a lady behind you at the cashier gave you the 17 cents that you needed, someone answered a phone call in a movie theater, a guy in his BMW let you have the parking spot you waited 7 minutes for someone to back out of (even though he could’ve swiped it). one of two things happens from meetings like this: we loose a little more faith in humanity, or we discover there’s still small doses of good out there. but what’s more important is realizing that WE have that same responsibility in everyone’s life around us at all times."

so here’s my thought for the day: what if we spend today keeping this idea in mind and acting on it accordingly? maybe remember to look behind us after walking through the door to see if someone is coming in after so that the door doesn't slam on them. how about NOT posting a rant on facebook about how someone supremely wronged us to see how many people side with us? what if we wait for someone to get all the way onto the curb before flying around the corner through the crosswalk? it’s true that small things like this might not make an immediate difference, but maybe they will. realize that not putting someone in a bad mood unintentionally can be just as effective as putting them into a good mood intentionally. once we've effected one person with our mood, IT WILL SPREAD. i feel like we should try to be conscious of what we emanate because it directly correlates to how people view each other. sure misery loves company, but company does NOT love misery.

i think that more often than not, effecting someone's day/mood/perception of humanity takes only seconds out of our life, but will contribute to a ripple effect larger than we can imagine.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Custodial Kenny!

hello, dear friends, followers, and patrons of my art!

thanks so much for being supporters of mine over the last few years. i'm really excited this morning because i have something a little different to share with you than just another sketch or doodle! this time, it's much bigger!

as some of you know, i got my humble beginnings working at a MAJOR local theme park. there is where i met my best friend, Sean. we went on to both end up working at Nickelodeon (him on the new Avatar spinoff, Korra, and me on SpongeBob SquarePants). but next week, on Thursday, Sean and i are pitching our very own show to Nickelodeon and we really want to share it with YOU first! if you have 5 minutes in your day, please hop on over to the blog for Custodial Kenny to take a look at this show we're developing!

as if i haven't asked you for enough already, please also take another 4 seconds to become a follower on the blog (the reasons are noted on the site), and then another 20 seconds to post about it on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and blogs of your own! (please note, there is no money involved or annoying emails everyday!) also, feel free to post away any comments on your favorite designs or thoughts you have about the show! all your feedback is extremely welcome and valuable.

thanks SOOO much for your time, energy, and support :0)


Friday, March 16, 2012

The Tick!

yesterday i asked for suggestions on Twitter as to what sort of character i should design as a warmup. my buddy Alex Deligiannis threw out The Tick as a possibility. since he was the first to suggest, i went with it. it's always so hard to make a simply designed character "your own" without dramatically going overboard with your own take (ie: adding some ridiculous twist that interrupts the integrity of the character and his/her roots), nevertheless, here's what i've come up with for The Tick as drawn by kris.w's hand:

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yosemite Sam

so i've been on a Yosemite Sam kick this weekend. been watching him all morning yesterday and today and had an urge to take a crack at his design in ...my(?) style. i will say though, it's pretty hard to redefine a character so simple in design already and as well known as one like Yosemite Sam. in any case, i thought it'd be interesting for one or two of you to see a little progression at how i derived at this drawing. not sure i wanna color him yet, but at least he's all cleaned up:

Saturday, March 3, 2012


i've always wanted to draw an Ironman, but i've never thought i had the chops to pull off a great one. i still don't quite think i'm quite there, but the perfect opportunity presented itself to do this piece for my buddy's birthday. i've posted the b/w and color versions below for you to check out. hope ya dig one of 'em!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

52 Batmen #06

well, some of you may have noticed that it's Wednesday again. and so, still keeping with my new year resolution, i've finished my sixth installment of my 52-week Batman extravaganza. i must admit, this is my favorite so far. it was the most fun to do and i feel like if i had a "style", this would be it. so maybe my journey has already come to an end with this whole 52 Batmen experiment! i dunno, maybe not. gonna do more before i settle here, but i hope you like this one. my favorite comment about it so far was a wish to see this guy in an animated series. i could be down for that cartoon version for a (temporary) change :0)

also, i thought it'd be fun to post the negative version:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

52 Batmen #05

well, here's the new Batman for this week. starting to think that having it done on Wednesdays is complicated for me. throws me off quite a bit. nevertheless, i've completed the Caped Crusader in what makes me think of the old 1940's Batman movie serials. anyone seen those? no? just me? yeah, probably. well anyway, i like that it has that same creepy old-timey and hyper-real vibe to it. this little guy is actually only about the size of my palm. quite small for a sketch like this, but it was fun to bust out some graphite for this week's Batman. it's been a while since i've drawn something and had the outer ridge of my hand all black. ok, enough rambling. you look at this one, i gotta get back to work on Ace!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


so, i may have made a mistake. you see, many of you know that i'm working on a graphic novel right now. i thought it'd be great to share my progress with those interested in the book because i get so many frequent questions about it (which is quite flattering, by the way!). the only thing is, i think i blew it by creating a Tumblr account to share my works.

i guess Tumblr itself is pretty cool, but it's not for me. see, the problem is that it's built more for ramblings (not in a negative way) as opposed to a project-specific house for materials. also, i thought it'd be cool to branch out to something newer to see what all the hubbub was about, but i'm finding that i'm quite happy with Google's performance with Blogger (which i should've known from the start). AND SO! i've decided to move over the House of Grizzle from Tumblr to Blogger, which is nice because this will keep all of my blogs together under one roof, AND it allows for easier following for my friends who are interested in the book. i could be wrong, but with Tumblr it seems as though you have to have a Tumblr account to "follow" one. with Google though, they make it easier for practically anyone to follow a blog so that they're properly being updated on it.

anyway, i hope i didn't just waste two minutes of your day that you could've really used. nonetheless, i thank you for your interest and occasional visits to any of my blogs. if you have a sec, shuffle on over to House of Grizzle to learn more about my comic, make some comments, and even give it a "follow" if your diggin what you're retinas are pickin up! you can click the image of Ace to the right to take you there!

thanks again, doods!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Wellington: The Ridiculous Dog (ep04)

hey, all! in case you were lookin for it, here's the latest in Wellington webisodes! thanks for watching!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

52 Batmen #03

well, it looks like i'll have to break the pattern a little this week. since SOPA/PIPA is trying to implement internet censorship, there's a posting blackout happening on the webbernet tomorrow, and i don't want to be the only lame-o posting during this epic time of digital conquest... not that a little guy like me has much effect in this happening. so with that, here's my latest Batman illustration in this year-long endeavor. can you dig it?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

52 Batmen #02

here's another one. second installment of my loooong road of Batmen. this one's sort of an homage to one of my favorite comic makers out there right now, Ted Seko. i'll never be that awesome, but at least this piece came out interestingly. i like how his style's taken a noticeable influence on my own.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

52 Batmen #01

so i recently had an idea that was sparked by a blog that showed the 30 coolest Batman illustrations of the year. it reignited a flame of mine to draw a super rad, mega righteous Batman design. i figured i'll draw one every week until i come up with one that i'm really satisfied with. the first one was sort of a crappy doodle experiment to get this going for Week 01, but sometimes those are the most fun to draw. in any case, the plan is to post one every Wednesday for the whole year. hope you'll come back to check them out!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

happy new year, friends!

is that old? getting cliché, is it? tired of seeing it plastered all over your Facebook wall? well, i understand. but unfortunately my parents raised a fine, young chap with a strong set of manners, so here's wishing you well for your 2012.

with keeping in tradition of my blog, i've given it the ol' annual facelift. hope you dig it. for those of you who know my strange (and possibly unhealthy) obsession with American 1970s culture, you're probably not surprised that i've decided to use a 70s funk flare (suggested by katy.r) to generate a theme for my blog this year -- complete with hideous color scheme and shag-a-delic fonts! can you dig it??

unfortunately, i have no exciting drawings to post because of the holiday season and all that comes with wrapping up 2011. on that note, i may have some super interesting news to share with my tiny, but loyal fan base (you who are reading this) within the week. stay tuned for that. so instead of a drawing, i'll leave you with the new short collection of websiodes that i've been working on over the last few weeks. many of you might have seen this on YouTube or my Facebook already, but if you haven't, i'll post this riveting mini-series below... but don't expect too much.

oh, and thanks for your support over the years. it's always nice when people like to look at and share one's artwork with others :0)

Wellington: The Ridiculous Dog (ep01)

Wellington: The Ridiculous Dog (ep02)

Wellington: The Ridiculous Dog (ep03)