Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1-shot that shoulda happened LAST week

ok, so here's the 1-shot that i started last week that i didn't get to finish. now that i have finished though, it is here for your enjoyment. and i do hope you enoy it. the song i used this time is by a group called Sweetback. the song is called "Powder" from their 1996, self-titled album, Sweetback. Their cool, mellow sound gave me inspiration for this story, which i wouldn't mind turning into an animated short if i had the time. i think it'd be especially cool as a 3D piece. anyway, here it is:


candace said...

Sooooo good! I think this idea is fantastic. I am at a lost of words, really.

aviation hicks said...

yeah i agree with candace, this piece is amazing!! it takes your breath away and you just get lost in the ebb and flow of the music and seeing this kid conduct the ocean and his animals to his beat....AMAZING