Wednesday, March 25, 2009

HOORAY for new jobs!!

well gang, i've been away for a little bit cuz i was working on gettin some things straight. and i'm pleased to announce the landing of a new gig! yes, it is true, i have joined the wonderful crew that is the SpongeBob SquarePants family at Nickelodeon! and boy, and i'm pleased as punch :0)


Tim Haney said...

Congratulations man!! thats awesome!!

Desdemona said...

Whoot woot! Are you moving? Where is work now? My department finalized a payment plan for you (I think) for the research project! Whee!

kris.w said...

Tim - thanks a lot man! i've been waiting a while to get back in to Nick!

D - nah, i'm not moving yet. though it IS quite a trek to Burbank everyday, it's still cheaper (i think) in my current living situation. and, yes, i got some paperwork to fill out on that. i feel bad cuz it's been taking me a while to get it back to Nathalie. i'm probably gonna mail it out to her today/night so we can get a move on it :0)