Thursday, January 28, 2010

back in action

well, it's hard to believe so much time went by without a single post. alas, here i am posting and writing to nobody. that's ok though, cuz this way if you DO come back, you'll have plenty to check out for the year twenty-ten! and who knows what newcomers will join us? i sure don't! nevertheless, here is my first post back on the scene:

the sketch above is something i jotted down in an attempt to illustrate the mindset i was in from listening to this newer album i received. no, i'm not a masochist. i was recently given an album of a vocalist (who name i won't mention in the miniscule chance it gets back to her) by a friend of mine who generally has great taste in music. for a few reasons though, this album didn't cut it for me. neither did the second disc that is supposed to be better. trying to listen to an entire album of her "smooth, sultry sounds" that her lounge-singer style implies makes me feel like i've been strung up by my wrists and slashed with several paper cuts on my toes so that i'm slowly being drained of life. know what i mean?

this little doodle i did was done last night in a class for work. for some reason, i pay better attention when i'm drawing during class. it works out i guess cuz it probably looks like i'm just taking notes.


Vincent Waller said...

Oh I wouldn't be so sure no one is watching. :-)

kris.w said...

Haha! wow man, you sure know how to surprise (and flatter) an aspiring artist! thanks for keepin tabs :0)

Desdemona said...

I like to doodle in class as well! But I'm sure you are taking art classes, whereas I am learning about developing children. Yeah! I'm glad you're back up!