Friday, June 4, 2010

TToMEW: the comic! (pt.1)


Braxton said...

Lol. So thats what happened...and really, who is that guy?

Yazzo B. said...

Awesome, can't wait to see more! :)

Oddly enough, I've seen plenty of post-it doodles, but never an entire comic for some reason.....pretty darn cool idea.

Did I mention this is freakin' hilarious? I'm guessing it has 'something' to do with you losing your own wallet, am I right?


kris.w said...

well guys, sorry but you'll have to wait till the next issue to find out who that guy is. but, i do appreciate you being intrigued.

and, yes, it has everything to do with losing my wallet. it sucks. but without it, this series would never have been born! (which we'll see if that's such a good thing or not..)

Alex Toon Deligiannis said...

Nicely done, man. This cartoon strip virtually pays for itself. Bazing.

kris.w said...

lol.. thanks Toon. i can't wait to post where it goes from here. it's gonna be coconuts!