Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh Girl album artwork

so if you were following any of the garbage i mentioned on Twitter, you'd know that i spent the last couple weeks working on the album artwork for the two-man, alternative, improv, indie-rock band, Oh Girl. they have a really cool way of releasing their album this month! two songs every month, for the next five months! first up was two songs that i had the honor of illustrating: "nyc" and "Batman". what's even better is that when you visit Band Camp you get to listen to the songs (which are EXTREMELY catchy) and, if you like them, download a mini package that includes the two songs AND the album artwork in high quality! SWEET!! what are you waiting for? go check 'em out!

(original sketch)

(colored finish)

(band portrait) (...it's all one line!)

(it was based on this picture)

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