Tuesday, July 26, 2011


well, the last few days have been interesting. a lot has finally settled down for me post-Comic Con. many of you probably feel the same way. it's been nice to not have to draw much since last Thursday, so i've been spending more time catching up in cyber space. for example, an interview i did for animationinsider.com was posted yesterday! that's pretty rad. you can read it here:


other than that, i fiiiinally got some boards up online. many people ask me why i don't have any up, and the short answer is that i didn't have a great way to show them. i personally hate reading storyboards online and having to click through them one page at a time just to enlarge it enough to read. it gets really old, really fast. i guess i just thought others felt the same. but recently, i was advised to check out carbonmade.com to see if i could use it to suit my needs. so far this seems to work better because there's an option to scroll through a board (at a reasonable size) like a flipbook, making it much easier to read. would you like to take a look at a couple board samples? you can see them here:


and last but not least, i'm on Google+ along with tons of other fantastic artists and friends and artistic friends. so if you're in the cyber neighborhood of Google+ and aren't tired of following me on Twitter (@optik2010), you can add me to one of your circles on there. i'll try my best to keep the content rich and as different as i can than my other postings so that you have a reason to keep in touch there.

but thank you all for having an interest in what i do. it's amazing to me to think that i can put lines on paper and it gets someone's brian juices percolating out there. i'll keep doing my best if you keep checking back. and let me know what excites you most so i can dish out more of it! thanks guys :0)

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