Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Print colored

WELP! here it is. right on time as i promised. hope it was worth the wait. thanks to everyone who expressed excitement and enthusiasm for me to actually get a piece of extraneous artwork done. i had a lot of fun with it (for obvious reasons). many of you found humor within the immediate content, and some of you where able to pull the additional level of humor. basically, this is a call to the line in Batman Begins. it's a pivotal point in Batman's character when he's getting the hang of mastering the art of instilling fear in criminal scum! (it's also a line that Noel and i used to make fun of quite a bit back in the day -- oh, Christian Bale... ::sigh::)

anyway, as i promised, i'm offering 25 signed prints of this guy for $20 each. if you'd like one, please email me. i have a feeling they'll go quickly because i've been posting about this on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and some people have already been calling dibs. as always, i appreciate your support and enthusiasm.

happy holidays, sucka! and a very Gotham Christmas!

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