Wednesday, February 1, 2012

52 Batmen #05

well, here's the new Batman for this week. starting to think that having it done on Wednesdays is complicated for me. throws me off quite a bit. nevertheless, i've completed the Caped Crusader in what makes me think of the old 1940's Batman movie serials. anyone seen those? no? just me? yeah, probably. well anyway, i like that it has that same creepy old-timey and hyper-real vibe to it. this little guy is actually only about the size of my palm. quite small for a sketch like this, but it was fun to bust out some graphite for this week's Batman. it's been a while since i've drawn something and had the outer ridge of my hand all black. ok, enough rambling. you look at this one, i gotta get back to work on Ace!

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