Monday, March 19, 2012

Custodial Kenny!

hello, dear friends, followers, and patrons of my art!

thanks so much for being supporters of mine over the last few years. i'm really excited this morning because i have something a little different to share with you than just another sketch or doodle! this time, it's much bigger!

as some of you know, i got my humble beginnings working at a MAJOR local theme park. there is where i met my best friend, Sean. we went on to both end up working at Nickelodeon (him on the new Avatar spinoff, Korra, and me on SpongeBob SquarePants). but next week, on Thursday, Sean and i are pitching our very own show to Nickelodeon and we really want to share it with YOU first! if you have 5 minutes in your day, please hop on over to the blog for Custodial Kenny to take a look at this show we're developing!

as if i haven't asked you for enough already, please also take another 4 seconds to become a follower on the blog (the reasons are noted on the site), and then another 20 seconds to post about it on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and blogs of your own! (please note, there is no money involved or annoying emails everyday!) also, feel free to post away any comments on your favorite designs or thoughts you have about the show! all your feedback is extremely welcome and valuable.

thanks SOOO much for your time, energy, and support :0)


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