Friday, February 8, 2013

say "hey" to Skratchy!

hey, gang!

so here it is. this is the thing i've been talking about on Twitter for the last couple weeks! it's my new short series that i'm going to be posting on YouTube called Skratchy McPhoochBerry's PizzaTime FunHouse!

hopefully you're intrigued enough to know what the show is about, so here it is: it's about a lovable and excitable dog-puppet who's a bit "rough around the edges" and is the star/ringleader of a pizza place for children of all ages! it's the ultimate dinner theater and arcade that any (sane) parent probably (wouldn't) bring their children!!

here's a look at your gracious host, Skratchy McPoochberry:

think you can handle the hot loads of cheesy fun all in your face?? then get ready because Skratchy will be opening the doors to his restaurant this Spring!

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