Tuesday, September 30, 2008

only at Disney...

the fun doesn't stop! in commemoration of the new Tink movie, we had a coloring contest at work. we could only select one of the four Tinkerbell poses they had and we all used the same cheap-ass, dollar-store crayons.

for some reason, i didn't win.


CrazyHarmke said...


aviation hicks said...

there we go. love this man. i think you should go with this a little more and get some more disney batman stuff. who won?

Anonymous said...

Don't understand why. This makes perfect sense.

Hell, Ollie Johnston would be proud of this stuff!

By the way, Kris, I wanted to tell you about a cool comic called "Chumble Spuzz". It's about two idiots, Gunther and Klem, who go through all kinds of wacky, adventuruous miscallanea. They win a demon possessed pig, meet a pigeon man, run the Grim Reaper out of the job, and even face a vampire chicken and a certain blue cookie beast.

I didn't spoil all of it, but it's called "Chumble Spuzz Vol. 1" by Ethan "Eef" Nicolle and Slave Labor Graphics. I wanted to know what you thought of the art

kris.w said...

Harmke -

haha.. i'm glad it made you smile!

Hicks -

thanks dude. she likes you too! yeah, maybe i'll think about some other junk i can come up with. don't know who won though..

J.R. -

thanks man, i think i shoulda won too. i'll check out that art work. off hand, the comic sounds pretty funny!