Saturday, September 13, 2008

your dose of Saturday morning cartoons:

here are a few shorts that i came across while digging trough youtube. i wanted to throw these up here because they are a few of my inspirations to be a good storyboard artist. i remember laughing at these till i cried as a kid (and they're still that funny)! there's nothing like executing a solid gag to make people laugh! enjoy...

gotta love the sound fx when Elmer jumps in the bed!

Tex Avery and Fred Quimby - a dynamic duo!

there's obviously tons more i need to add. maybe i'll post a few more another day, but atleast you can see what kinds of older, classic cartoons tend to shape my way of tooning. i can never get enough of directors like Tex Avery (and Chuck Jones which i'll probably post in the next batch) for those older classics. then there are the directors of newer classics that can't be over-looked like John Kricfaluci. anyway, hopefully you laughed a little bit.

thank you, come again!

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Artwork by Paulette Sorhaindo said...

You know the Elmer one is my favorite :)