Wednesday, February 17, 2010

here's this thing..


Anonymous said...

i'm not sure what to do with this, or how to process it... at all.

kris.w said...

yeah, me neither.. so i just decided to post it on here and let someone else figure it out.

Anonymous said...

well i think the hammer head shows your desire to go against the status quo (since the go to shark is not typically a hammer).
They dynamite is symbolic of what you feel is your self-destructive tendencies - as shown by the fact that the shark wears the dynamite like a suicide bomber...he ain't planning to swim away from this one.
The robotic nature of the shark demonstrates the robotic way you feel you lack the emotional ability (much like the tin man drawing of last year).
The jet engine refers to the speed at which you want to make it through life and into the roles you have set as your goals (that is if you do not self destruct before then).
Finally, the barcode will serve as a stern reminder that you need to go to the store... to get groceries... which also have barcodes.