Tuesday, February 9, 2010


72 unsuspecting members of 24 Hour Fitness had the esteemed pleasure of working out with Mr. Incredible this morning. my brother and i saw this guy in his Gatorade-yellow colored shirt working out across the floor from us. it was great! he was even so kind as to sing for everyone on the upper floor (for those of us who forgot to bring our own ipods) at the top of his lungs. and in case we were missing it, he grunted with each power-packed pump so we wouldn't feel bad that he worked out that whole time and we let it pass without noticing!

it could have been his angelic, American Idol reject pipes that he sang with, or it may have been because we were in awe of his presence, but no one could stop glancing over just in time to happen to catch the not-so-rare occasion of him striking this exact pose in the mirror. i'm only guessing that this is what he saw, but i may be overshooting his modesty. he was one hell of a man!

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chase said...

this guy was rad. wish i could pump iron like him.