Friday, January 28, 2011

doodle from the other day

I thought of this doodle on my way into work the other morning while driving the fierce SoCal freeways... then I gave it to Kenny for his birthday.


paulipoo said...

HA....i dont get it.

Just kiddin', i was lookin thru my links and remembered u had a blog thingy. Do u have a website with a portfolio, or r u too good for such a thing??!?!

kris.w said...

lol.. that's a tricky one:

no, i don't have one right now.

no, i'm not too good.

basically, i started revamping my portfolio, but i got side tracked the last few months with a huge project. also a lot of my SpongeBob boards i'd want to use still haven't aired on tv yet. so i can't show that stuff (especially online) right now, but i will soon cuz they're starting to show. also, a lot of storyboard junk i have at the moment is on paper, so i'll have to scan it all in and whatnot.

*sigh* so much work. i need to get a new computer already so i can just join the rest of the digital age. BUT! i've been keeping an eye on your stuff all this time :0)

paulipoo said...

How did u know it was me? I used my secret codename! We should go drawling sometime so I could skool u on how its done. Boo yaaawww!!

kris.w said...

HA! you'd like that, wouldn't you?? well maybe i'll just take you up on that offer so i can rob you of your skills and run off into the sunset so i can get super famous and whatever.

paulipoo said...

word to big bird. just lemme know when and where... I can always spare 5 min of my life putting you in your place.