Friday, February 4, 2011

for the Nickelodeon gallery

so here it is, the piece i did for the gallery this week at work. it's actually 1 of a 3-piece series. a couple buddies (Fred & Emily from the new Avatar spin-off... the cartoon, not the blue people) did the other two pieces. the series is called "These ARE the Droids You're Looking For". i think they plan to put up their pieces on our Chocolate Lab blog, so you can hop on over to check 'em out.

i decided to sell this original for 150 US dollars and prints for 20. please email me if you'd like a print (and let me know if you want it signed or something). i think might make it a limited offer (only 25 prints), so resolve your internal debate quickly.

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T.Rav said...

Really nice man.That F bomb is gonna send that thing!