Monday, June 27, 2011

flower people

many of you have been wondering what all this freelance is that i've been up to lately. so i've decided to go ahead and post some of the stuff that i think you'd find interesting. one of the projects i've been working on are these character designs. it's been a pretty fun ride, i must admit. essentially, i'm creating flower-people with only two real restrictions: 1) generating a personalities based on the list of character names, and 2) making sure to use the five-pedaled flower a person normally thinks of when doodling flowers. that's it. everything else is up to me. so i have to create one for each of the 12 names on this list, but here are the first few. for protection purposes on the intellectual properties, i'm leaving off the names (..but probably all you really care about is if i can draw or not).

so what's great is that these characters were brought to life by the talented Ashley Stoddard. she did a fantastic job coloring these little guys and hopefully you'll be able to see the colored versions by clicking over to her blog once she uploads them.

hope you dig what we've done!

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