Thursday, June 2, 2011

twitter contest

a couple weeks ago, i held a little contest on Twitter. i promised the winner a hand-drawn sketch by me. there were some really fun submissions, but my favorite one was by @UkeableTweets (who also hosts a YoutTube channel), so this is the sketch i did:


TheUkeUkeable said...

Three words: I. Love. This. Don't worry about bothering with sending it directly to me - I think it's awesome just being here on your blog. Patrick with a beard = classic, although I never thought I'd see him plugging my YouTube channel, lol. Couldn't be more pleased with it (not to mention the fact that I got a sketch from someone with your mad drawing skillz in exchange for my weird doodle)! Thanks a million dude. ^_^

P.S. I've actually commented on your blog before, under a different username (TheUkeUkeable is just my YouTube name), but I think I'll just let you guess about that one for now, just 'cause. *evil laugh* :D

kris.w said...

haha! well good! i'm glad you dig it, and thanks for the compliments. hope you participate in the next contest i put on... whatever and whenever that'll be! :0)

*louder evil laugh than yours*