Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

happy new year, friends!

is that old? getting cliché, is it? tired of seeing it plastered all over your Facebook wall? well, i understand. but unfortunately my parents raised a fine, young chap with a strong set of manners, so here's wishing you well for your 2012.

with keeping in tradition of my blog, i've given it the ol' annual facelift. hope you dig it. for those of you who know my strange (and possibly unhealthy) obsession with American 1970s culture, you're probably not surprised that i've decided to use a 70s funk flare (suggested by katy.r) to generate a theme for my blog this year -- complete with hideous color scheme and shag-a-delic fonts! can you dig it??

unfortunately, i have no exciting drawings to post because of the holiday season and all that comes with wrapping up 2011. on that note, i may have some super interesting news to share with my tiny, but loyal fan base (you who are reading this) within the week. stay tuned for that. so instead of a drawing, i'll leave you with the new short collection of websiodes that i've been working on over the last few weeks. many of you might have seen this on YouTube or my Facebook already, but if you haven't, i'll post this riveting mini-series below... but don't expect too much.

oh, and thanks for your support over the years. it's always nice when people like to look at and share one's artwork with others :0)

Wellington: The Ridiculous Dog (ep01)

Wellington: The Ridiculous Dog (ep02)

Wellington: The Ridiculous Dog (ep03)

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