Tuesday, January 24, 2012


so, i may have made a mistake. you see, many of you know that i'm working on a graphic novel right now. i thought it'd be great to share my progress with those interested in the book because i get so many frequent questions about it (which is quite flattering, by the way!). the only thing is, i think i blew it by creating a Tumblr account to share my works.

i guess Tumblr itself is pretty cool, but it's not for me. see, the problem is that it's built more for ramblings (not in a negative way) as opposed to a project-specific house for materials. also, i thought it'd be cool to branch out to something newer to see what all the hubbub was about, but i'm finding that i'm quite happy with Google's performance with Blogger (which i should've known from the start). AND SO! i've decided to move over the House of Grizzle from Tumblr to Blogger, which is nice because this will keep all of my blogs together under one roof, AND it allows for easier following for my friends who are interested in the book. i could be wrong, but with Tumblr it seems as though you have to have a Tumblr account to "follow" one. with Google though, they make it easier for practically anyone to follow a blog so that they're properly being updated on it.

anyway, i hope i didn't just waste two minutes of your day that you could've really used. nonetheless, i thank you for your interest and occasional visits to any of my blogs. if you have a sec, shuffle on over to House of Grizzle to learn more about my comic, make some comments, and even give it a "follow" if your diggin what you're retinas are pickin up! you can click the image of Ace to the right to take you there!

thanks again, doods!

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