Friday, September 6, 2013

Skratchy is live!

a little while back i made it known that i was working on a new idea for a short series of webisodes. i put lots of time in the beginning (with my partner Noel Cox and a handful of other talented folk) and got all the planning and designing worked out. however, when it came time for the animation, life got a bit "cray". i started a new job at Disney, my new nephew was born, and day by day i'm inching my way closer to my wedding (1 month from today!)! so naturally, the animating has been happening, but very slowly. however, so many people had expressed interest in it earlier on and still continue to ask about it, that i thought i could at least post the animatic to the first short! that way, people can get a taste of it again until i can get the rest of it animated. plus, it'd be nice to hear what a few more people think of it.

you can take a look at it here!

don't forget to pass it aaaaall around like mono! also, if you like it, you can join me in thanking these people for all their help in the process so far:
~Noel Cox
~Byron Dockins
~Sean Gantka
~Ashley Stoddard
~Kevin Garcia
~Deirdre Brenner
~Mike Orlando
~Chase Wimberly
You guys are great and we'll get it all finished soon!

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