Thursday, January 8, 2009

happy new year!

hey everyone!

sorry i've been kinda absent lately. hope you like the new look to my blog! but anyway, as many of you know, i've been workin on somethin pretty nice fer ya! lots of you have expressed your excitement for the Sketch & Sniff thing you've seen and heard about through word of mouth, Facebook, and even on my blog from the post just before the end of last year. well, the wait is over!

after quite some time, Sketch & Sniff is ready and available to you and yours through following the link to the left. sorry it took so long, but your patience is much appreciated. and of course, i have to admit that we're still trucking along within the beginning stages, but soon we'll be bringing you things you've been waiting your whole life for!! the blog has been up for the last few days (since January 1st), but i didn't have a clear quick link to it. before you had to go through my profile to visit the project studio, but now it's super easy.

so, if you haven't already, definitely go check it out and add yourself as a follower to be amongst the first to see what kinds of things come up as we delve into new projects. i'm pretty sure you'll like what we come up with :0)

thanks guys!


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