Friday, January 16, 2009

new idea!

ok, so it was brought to my attention that i haven't been putting up any storyboards yet/still/whatever... SO, while at work i thought of this cool idea. every week i'll try to post something boarding related so that there's somethin on here to look at. not only that, but i thought of this idea to do a one-shot kinda panel just to describe a story or idea. the first one i did for this week, i actually drew out to music. i drew it while listening to this song "Viva La Vida" by Coldplay. feel free to listen to it as you explore this drawing. i recommend letting the music load a little bit and then start playing before scrolling down to look at the drawing. hope you like it! (and as always, click the drawing to enlarge it!)


Mark McDonnell said...

Great sketch man . . . I love it. Nice feeling, perspective and framing. Love it,


kris.w said...

hey, thanks a lot MAC!

appreciate the comment and you taking some time to glance over my stuff. hope i bringin the stuff you like :0)