Sunday, January 18, 2009

S&S Drawing Challenge submission

ok, if you haven't checked out already, you're sleepin on something BIG. check out our Sketch & Sniff drawing challenge blog. it's been fun so far the last couple weeks, and i'm sure it'll only get better from here! below is the sketch i submitted for the prompt "the monster under my bed". i went pretty far out there with this design because i wanted to draw something not so cartoony. what do you think?

perdy ganrly? anyway, be sure to check out the blog so you can contribute or at least view and comment on other's cool sketches! the link is and get your friends on it too! the next challenge is due on Sunday so get to sketchin!

1 comment:

Paulette Sorhaindo said...

Yikes I say!! And is that its man parts, good heavens! Whats is he gonna do with THAT thing?